Wall & Floor Tiling

Full Range of Services from Wall and Floor Tilers in Melbourne

Whether you want to build a new home or looking forward to renovating your home, wall and floor tilers in Melbourne can help you to install tiles in a much smoother way. We are the team of reliable tiler to choose the tiling options you can use for your walls and floors.
Why are the tiles popular options today?
Tiles are the popular option today that can be used in almost any area, including bathrooms, kitchens, roofs, outdoor areas and around the swimming pools for paving. The low maintenance, availability of a wide range of colours and style has made it popular.

How would you choose wall and floor tiles?

While choosing the tiles, certain considerations like the style, colour and finish should stay in your mind. So, here are the things you should consider:

  • Look for the area your tiles are going to be used. During the colour selection, match up the existing tile colour of your home or let the professionals choose a colour for you.
  • If you want to install tiles for in the wet area, ask to apply some slip resistant on them. For say, glazed tiles have the waterproof facility that makes them super slippery that need added layers of coats for safety.
  • On the other hand, don’t forget to seal the unglazed tiles, as the porous nature of such tiles causes staining and residue build-up.
  • Before you start installation work, don’t forget to measure the area to supply an adequate amount of tiles to cover that area.
  • Don’t forget to buy extra tiles, as there could have the chances of breakage that may need some extra tiles. Even if the installed tiles get damaged in future, at least you can replace them with exactly matching tiles.
  • The areas like a pantry, or under the refrigerator or less visible places across the corridors should be tiled in the end to eliminate the chances of shortage. These all spare you from compromising with the aesthetics.
  • Ask professionals to waterproof the area underneath the tiles. It is necessary to prevent water seepage behind the tiles and cause damp or other structural damage.
  • There is no harm in installing the floor tiles to the walls but spare using wall tiles to the floor, as they are not strong enough to handle the loads.

What are trending options today for wall and floor tiling?

To make the tiling visually appealing, there are certain things you should consider.

  • For say, keep the wall and floor tiles same and second thing is put more focus on choosing the floor material that will go best for ages.
  • Whereas people think of contrasting colours as the first choice but matching the wall, and floor tiles create more appeal to the decor. For say, keeping the walls and floors same as well as the use of light coloured tiles make a smaller space look comparatively bigger.
  • Textured vanity, black tapware create the contrast you want!
  • Don’t forget to put the impact of large tiles that make the surface look bigger and it takes less cleaning of grout.
  • Choose the material that looks better with age; some floor tiles tend to look appealing as the years pass. For say, you can use porcelain tile, and you may ask our tilers to change the way of laying tiles.

So, what you could you expect from us?

Be it the doorway or the bedroom; we add a personal touch while creating the style that seems unique and luxurious to spend extra time in. At Tilting Point, we can go through the design trend while making beautiful artwork. So, the things you can expect from our tilers are-

  • Measurement taking of the area to be tiled
  • Lay out the tiles
  • Surface preparation
  • Tile cutting using tools
  • Make sure the titles are levelled and spaced
  • Proper application and removal of excess grout
  • Tile polishing and cleaning
  • Tile resurfacing
  • Title removal
  • Application of waterproofing materials

Why choose us for wall-floor tiling?

At Tiling Point, you will find a number of skilled tilers to hear your queries and take responsibility for tiling project. We have the expertise as well as the references to win our client’s confidence.

As it is important to pay attention to scheduling, take our professional help, and our entire team members will be helping you to have a dream interior/exterior. Our tilers will give you each minute detail to achieve an extraordinary result and help you to avoid a lot of expensive mistakes in new home building or renovation project. While today, everybody is running after the glamour and trend, creating your own style starts from your closet to bedroom doorway and cover your bathroom too. So, the tiling comes into the picture to add the worth to your interior.

What’s more? Reach us to create a space worthy of capturing your attention!